Friday, August 10, 2012

Spice 101

 I recently found this great spice shop in town, Pat's Pantry and met the owners. Let me just say that they are so wonderful! They are soo nice and knowledgeable and they encouraged all of my questions. I’d never been in a spice shop before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it’s a bright shop with a lot of the spices in clear jars on shelves so that you can see and smell. There are little cards with the name of the spice and information about it. I was able to buy as much or as little as I wanted, which was amazing since I just wanted a little to use for one recipe. And she had some great advice about trying different spices.

Pat weighing and measuring out my spices

I then went to a spice class held there at the shop. It was so neat! There were about 7 people there in a half circle of chairs; I was the youngest and newest (to cooking). There were a couple of vegetarian/vegans looking to spice up their dishes and a couple of people like me just looking for more information about spices. Pat was so open and friendly and she made sure to ask if there was anything specific we’d like her to cover so that she could try to make sure to hit those topics as well. I’m new to this so I was just there to soak up whatever information I could! She started out with some basics and answered any questions we had along the way. I cannot say how impressed I was with the class as a whole. Everyone was super friendly and I ended up talking to Tom for twenty minutes about social media.
I don’t know if I’ve expressed how much I enjoyed the class and the shop in general. I recommend that if anyone is in Astoria they should stop by and I know they are going to add an option to buy online as well!! 
Summer Spice blend we made in class

Different size scoops for le spices!

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