Thursday, September 13, 2012

30 Before 30: The Adventure

I was reading blogs today and I saw this post by Katrina of Warm Vanilla Sugar. I read her list and realized that I too turned 25 this year and I have a lot of things I'd like to accomplish. She has some really great things listed and I saw a lot of other really great stuff when I did some more research. So without further ado here is my list to be updated as I go along. Wish me luck!

30 Before 30 List

1. Go back to Prague

2. Learn French

3. Visit Paris/London/Germany…Europe

4. Move in with my sister!

5. Lose my goal weight!

6. Run a 5k

7. Do something amazing for my sister B, she deserves it!

8. Make homemade jam

9. Photograph all of my crafts and actually get them online!

10. Finish college! (or at least be dang close)

11. Knit something from start to finish

12. Do my own photo shoot and be truly happy with the photos

13. Road trip in the US with some girlfriends

14. Skydive

15. Start a great career – not just a job

16. Scuba dive

17. Have a winter wonderland weekend

18. Meet a celebrity

19. Learn to drive stick

20. Take a cooking class from a chef

21. Audition for a play/movie

22. Pay for someone’s coffee/drive-thru meal behind me

23. Go to The Wizarding World of HP

24. Shoot an amazing engagement session

25. Read the Bible cover to cover

26. Organize and back up the multitude of photos I have (on my computer and printed)

27. Go sailing

28. Ride in a horse-drawn sleigh/carriage

29. Perform in a Burlesque show

30. Go hunting and take something!


  1. This is a great list! I've always wanted to go sailing too. Good luck!

  2. Love your list! What a great idea to have this. So, um, ya, you better get started missy! I think I can help you out with some of those too...
    1. You are invited to the biggest family reunion in CZ happening in 2 years.
    2. We can take wizz air to paris & London. And take the train to Germany.
    3. I can help push you when it comes to weightloss.
    4.We need to start planning for a road trip cause I will have some vaca days since David can't take time off for a year.
    5. I know obsessive theater people who would love for us to be involved at coaster theater.
    6. David would skydive again with you (he really wants to again).
    7. I also wanna run a 5k... Lets train!!!!
    8. Road trip to wizarding world of HP... ?!?!?! ya!
    9. I can do your photoshoot, or you could do one for me (I want a redo with my wedding dress on)..

    Ok, so I could go on... You have my backup if you ever need it to complete any of these! :D

    1. You are amazing!! I am so lucky to have you for a friend!!! I cannot wait to knock these out with you!!! (Especially the travelling ones!! ^_^.)

  3. Hey girlie. Can I just tell you that I was going through our garage a few months ago and found a HARRY POTTER :) notebook that I wrote in the day we moved into our dorm together. There was a list in it that stated the qualities that my dream guy would have. Number 10 was "Like my best friend Jess"...of course right:) That made me smile, and miss talking to you!

    1. Heya! That's so awesome!! I miss talking to you too! We should definitely stay in touch!!

  4. Oh my God, I LOVE that idea of paying for someone's food or coffee in the queue behind you! I want to do that- make a stranger's day!!

    1. Right!! It's such a cool idea! (that I stole...)